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Machinery Moving Equipment:
Advanced Tools for Your Projects

At LMM, we utilize an extensive range of high-quality machinery and equipment to ensure the success of your industrial projects. Our diverse fleet of advanced tools is designed to meet the demands of various industries and applications.

Our Heavy Lifting Equipment

Our equipment fleet includes a wide variety of machines and tools to efficiently and safely carry out lifting, moving, and installation tasks.


A versatile and powerful lifting solution for heavy loads

Cranes – 8.5 to 550 Ton

Ranging from 18,000 lb. to 550-ton capacity, suitable for various lifting requirements

Versa Lifts – 140,000 lb. Capacity

With a capacity of up to 140,000 lb., these lifts provide excellent maneuverability for heavy loads

Tractors & Trailers

Reliable transportation options for your machinery and equipment

Forklifts – 1,500 lb. to 160,000 lb.

Offering capacities from 1,500 lb. to 160,000 lb. to suit various material handling needs

Mobile Lifts

Flexible lifting solutions for projects on the go

Gantry Systems – Capacities up to 2400 tons

With capacities up to 2,400 tons, these systems provide an ideal solution for heavy lifting and installations

Our experienced team is skilled in operating this advanced equipment, ensuring that your project is completed safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Contact us today to discuss how our machinery moving equipment and services can benefit your project.