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Our Vision

At LMM, we live uncompromised when it comes to the health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities.

We make this happen every day by building capability in our teams and upholding our extensive safety standards.

We are committed to safety being at the forefront of our daily operations, continuously looking for ways to raise the bar while ensuring long-term results…


Safety Is Our Competitive Advantage

In everything we do, safety is at the forefront. It is a key component in our decision making framework and drives innovation. We are committed to keeping safety as our guiding principal in everything we do, and understand there is no room for error.

Our principals are supported by our below industry standard EMR and TRIR scores, giving LMM it’s comparative advantage.

Safety Accomplishments

Our team performed the removal of 3 transfer presses in Marion, IN with over 22,000 hours worked with zero injuries or recordables!

Celebrating our major safety accomplishments is important to create a safer work environment, promote compliance with safety regulations, reduce accidents and injuries, and improve productivity.

Celebrating Safety

Recognizing and celebrating our hardworking employees who are always putting safety first is extremely important. Construction Safety Week and OSHA Safe + Sound Week are always perfect times to show our appreciation for the dedication our tradespeople have to keeping our jobs sites safe.

Our employees may see our safety team and executives on the job site recognizing safe workers with hard hat stickers and lunch!

Employee Engagement

Throughout our company, safety is our shared vision. Our safety department builds processes and gives our employees the tools to work safely, and empower them to live safely.

Project Safety Planning

Every project we take on is planned, approached and completed with the upmost safety standards and intellectual honesty. We understand each project requires a unique safety plan, and we are able to uphold the highest of standards.

Supplier Prequalification

Lee partners with subcontractors who meet a criteria of safety qualifications. We ensure that not only are we safe but the companies that we work with are practicing safety.